Turkish Street Food – Yengen Burger

Every Friday we post a Fethiye photo – a photo that shows a scene from anywhere in the general Fethiye area. So far, as with last week’s Çalış canal photo, the pictures have been of actual scenery – but today is a little bit different. We do have a photo…but we’re going foodie.

A couple of weeks ago, we did a post about one of our favourite kebab joints, Yengen Burger. They’ve just opened a second eatery, just on the edge of Paspatur, Fethiye’s old town, and we’ve found ourselves there a few times of late. On that post, we got a comment which asked if Yengen was just a name for the business or did it mean something else.

Yengen Burger, Fethiye

The monster Yengen Burger

We knew a Yengen Burger was a type of Turkish sandwich but, when I read the comment, I realised I’d never tried one – until last week, that is. This is a Yengen Burger!

What is a Yengen Burger?

As far as this Fethiye version is concerned, a yengen burger is a Turkish street food snack that you shouldn’t consider if you are only a bit peckish! Make sure you are hungry, and even then, consider sharing with someone – although you might have a challenge on your hands in trying to cut it in half.

A large village bread bun is sliced through the middle and then packed with the following: slithers of fried salami (two types of), small chunks of fried sucuk, two fried eggs, melted kaşar cheese, slices of tomato and sliced, pickled gherkins (turşu). Jars of pickled chillies are always on the table for you to help yourself. I helped myself.

And the yengen burger verdict: Well, we love most foods and this is no exception. However, if I fancied eating one again, I’d make sure I was in the company of someone who wanted to share the load. This one is a monster!

Have you ever tried a Yengen Burger? What’s your verdict?

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  1. Yes!! I have tried one. only in Fethiye though. didnt realise what I was getting myself into !! its massive.

  2. @ Ranee: Woo, thanks for the comment on the blog!! 🙂 That’s exactly what I thought. Did you finish it? I’m ashamed to admit that I refused to be defeated and polished it off…and then regretted it later as I was so full all night. 🙂

  3. If I ever get the chance to come to Fethiye, I am going to try this. I love eating my way through a city!

  4. i want one!

  5. @ Moe: I bet you could find a Yengen burger in Istanbul, too. Although admittedly, we’ve never come across them in many places we’ve been to.

    @ Jaz: Come try one then. 🙂

  6. Anonymous says

    Which of the two Yengen did you get this unique burger? What was the cost for all that food? I have to try this, it looks fantastic. Talking about street food, is there a place for kumpir in Fethiye? I fell in love with those stuffed baked potatoes in Istanbul. Julia,I love your food photos, they melt in my mouth!
    Suzanne in Montreal

  7. I was just reminded I’ve skipped lunch today! Still half of one would probably be more than enough. Looks yummy!

  8. Sounds very similar to the kumru sandwich I enjoyed down in Cesme! But adding the fried eggs is a new thing…I’ve never seen it on any other sandwich here in Istanbul. Cok ilginc!

  9. @ Suzanne: The yengen burger is served in both Yegen food places. They are sooooo filling – but good. There are places that do kumpir in Fethiye but they will never be as good in Ortaköy in Istanbul – just for scenery. 🙂 Pizza Tomato does kumpir but there’s a new place we want to try, next door to Sultan Patisserie near the dolmuş station. We’re assuming they do kumpir from their name – Patatas, I think. Will write about it if we try it. 🙂

  10. @ Sophie: You got that right. Half of one is definitely more than enough! 🙂

    @ Joy: I thought that and even the egg isn’t traditional to a yengen as far as we know. From research, I think the difference with a kumru is the bread. We’ve never had kumru but most info seems to tell of a particular bread to go with the filling.

  11. Oh my my…I’ver never seen this but I want it, will seek it when in Istanbul in August.

  12. @ Peter M: I’m sure you must be able to find them in Istanbul. They just don’t seem to common. Hope you enjoy your trip to Istanbul. 🙂

  13. I agree with Suzanne of Montreal, your photos come to life and leave me drooling and hungry! Must try these in September!

  14. @ Connie: Thank you very much! 🙂 Don’t forget, if you do try a yengen burger, make sure you have a little helping hand. 😉

  15. Donald Houston says

    I have eathen these fine sandwiches mahny times in Istanbul and love them!

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