Sundial Fethiye – End Of An Era Means New Beginnings

The following is written with the full permission and blessing of Murat from Sundial in Fethiye…

Well, how many times have we written on this blog that there are always changes in Fethiye and nothing stays still for too long. Some businesses come and go so often, we don’t even notice a lot of the time. This time, though, it’s a big change – at least for us, anyway. One of our ‘go to’ places, part of the fixtures and fittings of our Fethiye brains, one of those places where you know who’s going to be behind the bar and you know what’s on the menu. It’s there, it’s comforting knowing it’s there…and now that part of our brain has been jolted because it’s all change at the Sundial…

Yes, the selfish part of us wants to stamp our feet and sulk and say, “But you can’t do this,” to Murat and all the team there.

Recently, we lost our ‘growing up’ pub in the centre of Wigan. For years, as 6th form students and beyond, we went there with all our friends and the following generations of students have done the same. Run by the same family for longer than we can remember, a few weeks back, they wrote a long letter to all their customers on their Facebook page announcing it was time to close the pub and have a rest.

To say that announcement sent shock waves around Facebook is an understatement. The story even made the Guardian – a former customer, now Guardian blogger, mourning the loss of The Tudor pub in Wigan; a pub that had played such a part in her ‘growing up,’ too.

Fethiye Views From Sundial

Iconic sundial at the Sundial

Wigan and Fethiye facing two major changes, simultaneously – it’s a lot for the Barry and Julia brains to take in, you know! But of course, don’t we all need a rest, a bit of time out, occasionally? It’s time for Murat and co. to have that rest, too. With a fully-booked restaurant on a daily basis throughout the summer months, they deserve a rest and some time in their lives to have the freedom to do other things. We understand that.

Sundial Fethiye Sunset

Sundial and sunset at the Sundial

But what about us? What are we going to do, eh? What are all the other people who flock to the Sundial going to do? We’ve all been through such a lot together, including watching the rebirth of the Sundial after the awful landslide. We’ve been to watch friends get married at the Sundial. We’ve given detailed instructions about how to get to the Sundial, for those who are unsure. And how are we going to know summer has arrived if we can’t see Murat make the transition from regular winter jeans to frayed denim hotpants? It’s all just such a lot to take in!

New Beginnings At Sundial Fethiye

It’s not all doom and gloom, however. As with all ends, there are also new beginnings and we have a whole winter to allow our brains to embrace the change upon us…

Sundial Fethiye

Sunset dining at the Sundial, Fethiye

The Sundial has been rented out for a few years, that’s all. All being well, changes will be made over the winter months and, next season, the Sundial will still be there for us all to enjoy. There’ll be new faces, of course, and it might look different, and it might feel different. But ‘different’ is good, too.

Our very best wishes to Murat, family and the rest of the Sundial team in whatever they decide to do with their new time for the next few years – and a great big THANK YOU for lots of special and happy memories.

And, very best wishes to those creating a new beginning at the Sundial – the owners of Sea Breeze Hotel in Ovacık and Ölüdeniz Weddings. We’re looking forward to it…

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  1. Sod’s Law. The things you want to change, don’t and the thing you don’t want to change, do.

  2. It is a pity we will not see Murat there… We wish him good luck and hope new owners will make this place better or at least not worse 🙁

    • From what we’ve heard of the new people taking over at Sundial Fethiye, they know hat they’re doing and are already well known in the Ovacık / Ölüdeniz area so hopefully all will be well and good.

  3. Though I can’t blame them and understand, it’s kinda sad to see this change. Glad the Sundial will still be there. It’s a special spot. Best of luck to Murat and his family.

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