Gustorante, Çalış – It’s A Cafe And More

We’re back along Yerguzlar Caddesi again for this article. That’s the street which, among other places, is home to Çalış Sunday market; our home of kokoreç, Lokum – and Baba Fırın Bakery & Cafe. We frequent so many places along this stretch of road and one of our little regulars has become Gustorante.

Gustorante Cafe & More

That’s its full Sunday name: Gustorante Cafe & More. And, to be honest, when we saw the place name going up above the doorway of what looked like to be an exciting new eatery…

Well, with a name like that, was it all going to be overpriced, ‘style over substance’ dishes where one dines, leaves the establishment and goes home to make a sandwich because one is still ravenous?

Gustorante Cafe And More, Çalış

The very smart Gustorante is on Yerguzlar Caddesi

Watching And Waiting

Throughout late autumn, we watched as the interior was being fitted out. It was certainly going to be a smart place. There’s a lot of fast food joints in the immediate vicinity of Gustorante. This place was obviously going to be different and, naturally, we were curious.

Gustorante Cafe & More opened for business in December 2018. As with all new places, we gave them a bit of ‘settling down’ time before we ventured for a visit.

Gustorante Interior

We love the interior of Gustorante

A Good Winter Spot

Wintertime was the perfect time for them to open, really, because the interior of Gustorante is very stylish but also relaxed and comfortable.

The fully stocked bar serving soft drinks, teas and coffees as well as the usual alcoholic treats has quite an urban feel. This is a bit of a trend in the Fethiye area at the moment and whilst I’m not a huge fan of it for a bright seaside setting, Gustorante’s inland location lends itself well to this type of design.

Gustorante Çalış

A warm and inviting interior at Gustorante

Warm lighting and a mix of formal dining tables and lounge chairs give the place a welcoming cosy feel. So, yeah, December was a good month to open. Quite a few of us flocked there over the winter months.

Settling In

And that meant Gustorante opened to mixed reviews – some people absolutely loved it whilst others complained about the service. It was a shaky start. But, for whatever reasons, Gustorante grabbed a lot of people – including us.

We kept going back because we just liked to be there – and we just had a feeling that it would find its feet. The menu is different, the food good quality and everything is very reasonably priced.

Eating At Gustorante

We’ve eaten at Gustorante numerous times since that December opening and have never been disappointed. If we were worried about ‘style over substance,’ because of the name of the place, we needn’t have been.

Food At Gustorante, Çalış

A selection of dishes from Gustorante

When it comes to pizza, the Gustorante pizza base is right up there. Thin and crisp with a good raised crust around the edge – I always order the seafood pizza.

Their chicken schnitzel (or you can order beef schnitzel) is fantastic: battered out until it fills your whole plate and served with butter, lemon wedge and a potato salad smothered in bearnaise sauce.

‘Go To’ Favourites

But we both have current favourites – there’s always a ‘go to’ dish that you’re at eateries you frequent often, isn’t there. The seafood pasta dish is so tasty at Gustorante, but, recently, it’s the burgers that are drawing me in.

Mexican Burger

I love the Mexican burger

There are definitely other people who will happily back me up on the tastiness of the burgers at Gustorante – they’re oft talked about by those who frequent the place.

As a chilli lover, I always plump for the Mexican burger, but there are other choices, too. The Fethiye area is awash with eateries serving up great burgers, and, at the moment Gustorante is very much a part of the ‘great burger scene.’

Chicken Curry

Chicken curry with a twist

And then there’s Barry’s latest ‘go to.’ The Gustorante chicken curry. It’s comfort food but with a Gustorante twist. A familiar mild, creamy curry but served with a not-so-familiar topping of deep fried shredded potato.

Food With A Twist

That’s one of the things that keeps Gustorante interesting. It’s a varied menu and a lot of the dishes you see on other menus elsewhere are served with a little twist.

The menu has Turkish dishes such as breakfast, menemen, gözleme and börek. There are soups of different flavours including Mexican and aubergine. There are pastas, salads, sandwiches. But there are also tacos, steaks, cheese boards and carpaccio platters.

More Than A Cafe

So, about this tagline, ‘Cafe & More.’ It actually works. Gustorante has a full bar and is open til late but it doesn’t feel like a restaurant. It’s a laid back place where you can go and have a chat over coffee and cake or a full meal. The prices don’t make your eyes water.

But the presentation, the little twists to the dishes and the varied menu make it more than a cafe, too.

Gustorante Cafe & More has definitely found its feet. The welcome and the service is friendly and, along with all the other new businesses in this neighbourhood, we hope it stays around in years to come.

Gustorante Cafe & More – Useful Information

  • Gustorante Cafe & More is on Yerguzlar Caddesi, near Çalış.
  • It is open daily, year round until around midnight.
  • There is a full bar as well as soft drinks and hot drinks.
  • There is indoor and outdoor seating – inside is air conditioned during the hot summer months.
  • Full contact details and more photos are on their Facebook page.
  • Gustorante, along with other bars and eateries, can be found on our page of places to eat and drink in Fethiye.

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