Turkish Food & Recipes: 2011 Favourites

A few days ago we went through our Turkey travel highlights of 2011 and, despite a bit of ‘we never go anywhere’ grumbling from me throughout the year, we realised that we’ve actually not done too bad! It was a good exercise to look back at where we have actually been.

Well, now it’s time to loosen belts, forget about calories, sit back and enjoy a foodie feast.

Turkish Food & Recipes – 2011 Highlights

As with the travel post, we had difficulty choosing favourites for some months. If you know this blog well, you’ll know we’re quite partial to investigating, tasting and making Turkish food and then writing about it. There are a lot of Turkish food posts for 2011!
Turkish Food - Turkish Breakfast, Kebabs & Soups

January 2011 – Turkish Breakfast: One of our favourite pastimes in Turkey is whiling away a few hours with friends, picking our way through köy kahvaltası, the traditional Turkish village breakfast. Whether it’s sitting in Kayaköy or by the sea, it’s the best meal of the day. More of a banquet than a meal, click the link to see photos and read our post on Turkish breakfast.

February 2011 – Döner Kebabı: The döner kebab is probably the meal that springs to mind when you ask people what they know about Turkish food. This post was a celebration of the real döner kebab – not the poor quality ones sold throughout the UK at 3am every weekend. Click the link to read our post about this most famous of Turkish street foods, the döner kebab.

March 2011 – Pumpkin Soup: Balkabağı Çorbası (Pumpkin Soup) is a regular on our menu throughout the colder months in Fethiye. Squash is widely available at Fethiye market and the soups they make are colourful and comforting when the weather is miserable and grey outside. Click the link to follow our Turkish recipe for pumpkin soup.
Turkish Food & Drink - Sigara Börek, Ayran & Meze
April 2011 – Sigara Böreği: Börek (phyllo pastry dishes) is very common in Turkish cuisine. There aren’t many people who come to Turkey on holiday and leave without having tried sigara böreği – or ‘cheese rolls’ as they’re often called on the menus of Fethiye. Sigara böreği was the first Turkish recipe I ever attempted and it’s taken until April of this year to post the recipe! If you’d like to make your own, you can follow our Turkish recipe for sigara böreği. 

May 2011 – Ayran: Foreign visitors to Turkey have a love/hate relationship with ayran. We’ve never met a Turkish person who doesn’t like ayran, but when foreigners are let loose to do their own shopping, ayran is often mistaken for milk. A watered down yoghurt-salt drink does not taste good in your morning tea! This post got lots of comments from people who had fallen into that trap (we’ve done it, too!) Here is our post on the famous Turkish drink, Ayran.

June 2011 – Meze: Thank you to the people who invented Turkish meze in an age gone by. We take great pleasure in going to the glass fridges of restaurants and choosing an array of meze dishes – we usually choose too many! But meze is not just about the food. It’s about the company you’re with. Read our post about the joy of Turkish meze.
Turkish Food - Geren, Chickpea And Aubergines Stew & Lamb Tandır
July 2011 – Geren: Still on the meze theme, geren is our meze discovery of 2011. We were in a restaurant in Dalyan, choosing meze dishes from the fridge and the waiter explained to us what geren was. We ordered it, loved it and the waiter explained so clearly what it was that we then came home and made it ourselves. Here is our Turkish recipe for geren.

August 2011 – Spicy Chickpea & Aubergine Stew: This dish is popular all over the Middle East and, despite it being called a ‘stew,’ it’s a light meal in summer when served lukewarm. As soon as we see the word spicy, we’re immediately interested in trying a dish. This recipe is from one of our favourite, cookery books, ‘Best Ever Mediterranean Cookbook.’ If you like the looks of this dish (centre photo), click this link for spicy chickpea and aubergine stew.

September 2011 – Lamb Tandır: Slow-cooked, tender, juicy chunks of lamb. Words cannot describe how good this dish is and the people who commented on the post agreed. Our favourite place to eat lamb tandır is at Cin Bal in Kayaköy. If you want to know why, read our post about lamb tandır.
Turkish Food - Köfte, Tantuni & Kanat
October 2011 – Köfte: We’ve done a Turkish recipe for köfte in the past, but this post from October was about the best köfte meal we have ever eaten. It’s possibly one of our favourite meals of 2011 because of the journey we had beforehand. Click here to find out why this köfte was so memorable: Köfte comes to the rescue.

November 2011 – Tantuni Kebabı: This is easily our foodie discovery of 2011. We’ve read so much in the past about this meaty kebab from Mersin and we really wanted to try it. When we were in Istanbul in October, we made it our mission to hunt down tantuni. We stumbled across a tantuni place in the back streets of Beyoğlu and loved it so much, we returned again the day after. Here is our post about our new favourites when it comes to Turkish street food: tantuni kebab.

December 2011 – Kanat (Chicken Wings): Another staple of the meaty side of the Turkish diet. We love chicken wings and have eaten lots of them since moving to Fethiye. They’re a regular feature on any Turkish, Sunday afternoon barbecue – but we also enjoy them baked in the oven. Here is our recipe for oven-baked kanat.

There really were too many Turkish food and recipe highlights to choose from for this list. We’ve eaten our way through a lot of food throughout 2011 and we’re looking forward to continuing in the same fashion throughout 2012.  What are your favourite foodie highlights of 2012?

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  1. A Turkish breakfast done well is simply delicious, the best and healthy into the bargain.

  2. @ Jack Scott: Couldn’t agree more and isn’t it just so disappointing when you go for a Turkish breakfast and they don’t do it well? 🙂

  3. I like highlights like these. Just keep the coming.

  4. @ Italian Notes: Always good to look back at what we’ve cooked (and eaten!) over the last 12 months. 🙂

  5. Nice roundup for the year. Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy 2012 with many more interesting Turkish food and places.

  6. @ Ping: Thanks. And a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too. lots more Turkish food, recipes and places next year… 🙂

  7. Wonderful post!I have pumpkin sitting on my counter ready to go for the soup recipe! Lots of pumpkins here in Moldova.

    Craciun fericit (merry Christmas) from Moldova

  8. @ Miss Footloose: Thanks and hope you enjoy your pumpkin soup. Wow, your Romanian is coming along now. Glad you translated that for us! 🙂

  9. I can’t believe I haven’t been to Turkey yet. It’s foodie heaven.

  10. @ Andrea: Maybe rectify that one in 2012. It definitely is foodie heaven! 🙂

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